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By Jaan K. Laaman

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Let's Bring Jalil Muntaqim Home on Parole in 2018!

Since Jalil's parole hearing has been postponed due to a factual error on his COMPAS Risk Assessment Report, there is still time for friends and supporters to write letters for him.

To write a letter in you own words in support of parole for Jalil, address to:

Senior Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
Sullivan Correctional Facility
325 Riverside Drive
Fallsburg, New York 12733


Nora Carroll
The Parole Preparation Project
168 Canal Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10013

The subject line should be "Anthony Bottom 77-A-4283"

We are making an effort to include letters of support for Jalil that are personalized and from people who are familiar with him and his work. If you want further instructions for how to write a strong, personalized letter of support, please email

Also, please send a copy of your letter to Jalil for his files: Anthony Bottom #77A4283, Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

Political Prisoner Rev. Joy Powell Needs Our Help!

Joy Powell is an anti-police brutality activist from Rochester, NY. She was framed up on false charges and is actively working on legal documents to bring her case to court. In addition to suffering from diabetes, Joy is also hearing impaired and needs to read lips.

The first incident occurred on August 22nd, when Officer Olivio was closing the cell doors. Joy did not hear him announce this, and her hand was stuck when the cell door closed on it. Joy said she would not write him up, since this was apparently an accident.

The second incident occurred on August 30th, once again when C.O. Olivio was closing the cell doors. Since Joy is not in a cell designed for the hearing impaired, she was standing in the doorway and once again did not hear the announcement that the cell doors were being closed. The door was coming right at her, so she put up her right hand to block the impact. The other women were screaming at C.O. Olivio to open the gates, since Joy was stuck in the door. His response was to sit there and laugh.

Now Joy's right arm is broken and in a "soft" cast, since a hard cast is considered a security risk. The prison doctor told her it was good she had put her hand out, otherwise her ribs might have been smashed, which can easily cause punctured lungs.

That's Joy Powell #07G0632, currentlly at Bedford Hills. Joy is asking us to call Commissioner Anthony Annucci's office at 518-457-8134 to demand that C.O. Olivio be removed from his post.

People should also call the Office of the Inspector General at 800-367-4448 and Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390.

This situation is urgent! Our sisters behind the walls should not have to suffer this kind of cruelty and sadism at the hands of the C.O.'s!

For more information on Joy, please visit

Ramona Africa Needs Our Help Now!

The Move org. is informing our supporters, sympathizers and all those in solidarity with the cause of revolution, that Ramona Africa, Move's Minister of Communication, survivor of the May 13, 1985, holocaust, has been hospitalized as a result of health complications coming from a condition called PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This is a direct result of the ongoing war waged on our Move Family by this government (we've lost 24 members to date). Two died in prison under suspicious circumstances termed ‘cancer.’ Now Ramona is diagnosed with ‘cancer’ and she's again battling to be a survivor.

From the Move family in Philadelphia:

Today the hospital informed Ramona that her insurance co. would no longer be responsible for paying her hospital and therapy bills and that she’s being released from both hospital and therapy unless she can pay the bills herself.

The problem is Ramona can’t stand without assistance and she can’t walk; she’s not good to go and she hasn’t had enough therapy to safely release her into the world. The other problem is the burden of costs; therapy sessions are extremely urgent and immediate or Ramona will regress, leaving any progress she’s made to date undone and she’ll have to start all over from the beginning.

These therapy sessions are necessary but at the same time they create a financial burden on the family; without the medical insurance, that we will not be able to handle, it’ll be more than we can afford, we need help. Ramona cannot afford to come out of the hospital; she is not physically ready and her home plan is not ready. Certain things she will require have to be met, like a hospital bed and special bedding, and bathroom facilities that need a contractor and plumber.

The family is doing what we can, but we do need help. We are establishing a “go fund me” account to accommodate any monetary donations that are sent for Ramona; the family appreciates the help you can give and thanks you in advance for your support. Ona Move

You can copy and paste it into your browser.

NYC Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 670927, Bronx, NY 10467