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Religious Leaders Request Commutation of Sentence for Sundiata Acoli!

We believe that in a universe that bends toward justice, Sundiata Acoli deserves to be at home with his family and live out his final years in his community.

In June of 2020, nearly fifty religious leaders from across New Jersey told New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy when asking for a commutation of Sundiata’s sentence:

“We, the undersigned clergy of New Jersey write to express our collective support for the immediate release of Sundiata Acoli from prison. We strongly urge you to use your executive authority to do so. As faith leaders, we believe in redemption and salvation - tenets that could not be more appropriately understood than in the case of this 83 year old man in failing health who has been incarcerated for the past 48 years. Mr. Acoli is incarcerated from conviction of charges in the state of New Jersey and is currently serving his sentence in a federal prison in Cumberland, MD.

We understand and appreciate the seriousness of the crimes for which he was convicted. Our request is in no way meant to denigrate the victims’ families or ignore the loss of life. However, it is our belief that Mr. Acoli has been more than adequately punished for those acts. The continued incarceration of this senior citizen serves no useful purpose as Mr. Acoli represents absolutely no threat to public safety. For more than 25 years he has had a completely infraction free record in prison. This exemplary accomplishment coupled with his age and the over 100 programs, classes and certificates he has been awarded all provide ample reason for you to feel confident that releasing him is the right and humane thing to do.” the statement said in part.

With our collective prayers, diligent work and unyielding faith, we are sure to #BringSundiataHome this year.

Lumumba Akinwole-Bandele,
Bring Sundiata Acoli Home Alliance

Sign the Petition to Commute Sundiata Acoli's Sentence!


April 27, 2021: We received word today that Mumia has been transferred back to the prison "infirmary". So it is urgent that we continue to pressure the PA DOC.

According to Dr. Ricardo Alvarez, Mumia’s chosen doctor, “There is significant evidence, both legal and medical, that Mumia has suffered severe harm because medical, legal, law enforcement, and judicial professionals have not met proper standards. Mumia has been recently hospitalized for COVID and Congestive Heart Failure and he already suffers from hypertension as well as liver cirrhosis and diabetes, both induced by court documented medical neglect. Freedom is the only treatment.”

Tuesday April 20 9:34am: Mumia's medical attorneys have received word from the Open Heart ICU doctors. Mumia's surgery was successful. There were no complications. He is receiving minimal oxygen and has one IV.

Mumia's wife Wadiya was waiting all day yesterday, and all night for word and only heard this news this morning at 9:30 am.

Wadiya Jamal says "I won't know he is ok until I hear from him directly. "

We are demanding that the hospital officials and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections do the following immediately:

1) Let Mumia speak with his family.
2) Let Mumia speak directly with his physician Dr. Ricardo Alvarez
3) Let Mumia speak with his spiritual advisor Dr. Mark Taylor
4) Provide the appropriate rehabilitation plan for his recovery

The next days, weeks, and months will be critical in Mumia's recovery.
The conditions of his confinement contributed to his heart disease. He was held in isolation solitary for over a year, never able to exercise. Limited to walking in his very small cell. He was allowed off his block rarely. These were due to the covid restrictions.

As Mumia recovers he MUST have access to his physician, exercise and a heart healthy diet.

Please continue to call and write to the PADOC and let them know we are watching and that "Freedom is the only treatment":

Please call, fax, email and tweet the following offices to make these demands: that Mumia be immediately allowed to call his wife, Pam Africa, his doctor and spiritual advisor, and that he be immediately released. Be sure to name Mumia Abu-Jamal and number AM8335 and SCI Mahanoy in subject line.

John Wetzel, Head of PA DOC: 717-728-2573;
twitter: @johnewetzel, @DOCSecretary

PA DOC, Christopher Oppman, Deputy Secretary for Administration who oversees healthcare: 717-728-4122 or 717-728-2573 Ext 5

SCI Mahanoy Superintendent, Bernadette Mason: 570-773-2158

Tom Wolf, Governor of PA: 717-787-2500 ext. 3; FAX 717-772-8284;
Online form:
EMAIL:; facebook: @governorwolf,
@TomWolfPA; instagram: @governortomwolf

Follow these and your local Mumia Abu-Jamal organization for updates and calls to action:


Urgent action needed for Russell Maroon Shoatz!

Maroon is a prisoner in Pennsylvania and a former Black Panther who has been imprisoned since 1970. He is 77 years old.

He has been living with stage 4 colon cancer since last year. We recently learned that the cancer has been metastasizing aggressively. Maroon's family needs him to come home.

After Maroon was diagnosed with Covid in December a new coalition sprang into action. Members from NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, Texas and beyond have been meeting weekly to plan cultural events, online workshops, social media actions and in person events!

To join our weekly meetings or organizing email list serve,

Russell Maroon Shoatz is no danger to his community. The civilized and humane thing to do is to allow him to go home to his family. We are asking for his immediate release and for the immediate release of all other aging prisoners over the age of 50 and those with pre-existing conditions for whom incarceration is a death sentence. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Maroon!!

All PA-based organizations, please sign a community letter demanding the immediate release of Russell Maroon Shoatz.

New Go-Fund Me to support the Shoatz Family

For sample tweets and graphics, check out the #FreeMaroon Social Media Kit

Also check out:

Continue to Call Governor Tom Wolf

Contact: 717-787-2500 ext. 3; FAX 717-772-8284

Russell Shoatz’s health is rapidly deteriorating. Demand Immediate Release of Russell Maroon Shoatz #AF-3855. They track the calls from different phones and how many times the same number calls so please keep calling and activate your networks.

Our sincere gratitude for all of your support.

NYC Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 670927, Bronx, NY 10467