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Jericho National Co-Chair Jihad Abdulmumit:

Baba Ngoma Osayemi:

Baba Ngoma Osayemi:

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To watch Oscar López Rivera's speech, click here! Thanks to Norma Perez for sending this to us.

Below is Jericho Co-Founder Jalil Muntaqim's message to the Jericho 20th Anniversary event:

Jericho – FORWARD!!!

As Salaam Alaikum, Peace, Paz, Habari Gani, Guden Tag (the last thrown in for good measure!)

It is my sincere hope this message finds all of you in the very best of health and continued high fighting spirits. As for myself, all here is as can be expected under prevailing circumstances, managing the madness that is prison. Also, extremely elated my Comrade has been granted parole.

The 20th Anniversary of Jericho is a milestone by anyone’s imagination; that an idea and organizational determination with this political determination is still in existence. Of course, we are nowhere near where we originally envisioned for us to be at this time. However, for as long as political prisoners exist in the U.S., Jericho will be relevant and the original vision will be manifested.

Back in 1996, I put out the call to resurrect the Jericho Marches in Washington, D.C. around the White House, which had been stopped by the Republic of New Afrika, the originators of the Jericho March. My thinking was this government must never be given relief on the issue of the existence of u.s. political prisoners. Our dear beloved Sister Safiya Asya Bukhari and Baba Herman Ferguson responded. They visited me at Napanoch prison, letting me know in no uncertain terms such an action could not be organized in a year’s time. Yet, they made a commitment to organize this national march on Washington, D.C. for 1998. They traveled to various parts of the country, raising awareness about the importance of this march to various progressive and revolutionary organizations and individuals. They cajoled, encouraged and urged them to support, endorse and join the national march. On March 27, 1998, approximately 6,000 activists converged on Washington, D.C., in a march and rally demanding recognition and amnesty/release of u.s. political prisoners. After the march and rally, the enthusiasm and support for the march raised our concerns across the country, and it was decided we needed to continue to build this fight for freedom. Thus the Jericho Amnesty Movement was born.

In the last 20 years, Jericho has brought our concerns and fight to the attention of various progressive organizations in the international community, and made presentations to United Nations committees in Geneva, Switzerland. Although over the years Jericho’s representation changed with the passing of our great revolutionaries Safiya and Herman, our current leadership has shown tremendous resolve to represent and lead Jericho despite the many obstacles: the lack of funding, lack of commitment from many in the progressive community, sectarianism and liberalism on the part of activists.

One of the major obstacles that has weakened Jericho’s capacity is the failure of released political prisoners to advocate on behalf of Jericho, to join Jericho, rather than commit to other campaigns or develop groups that essentially replicate the work of Jericho. Needless to say, this is disheartening, especially when we know their contribution, their advocacy and support would strengthen Jericho’s overall resolve as the premiere representative of U.S. political prisoners. In other words, we need for former political prisoners to join our fight on behalf of those still captured and confined. We do not need to duplicate the work, we need to fortify and strengthen the work that is already being-done.

Secondly, Jericho’s advocates must be creative and innovative in forging programs within the organized structure of Jericho. Jericho needs functioning committees that extend Jericho’s outreach in the progressive communities and the various movements of dissent. Jericho not only represents the political prisoners held captive, but supports the various movements from which these political prisoners come. There is no division between Jericho’s fight for our political prisoners and our fight for the struggles and movements they were engaged in. Our vision and task is to assist these movements by supporting their political prisoners, broadening our overall capacity to resist. Jericho is not a separate entity apart from these various movements; Jericho is a conscious and deliberate participant in these various movements.

The fight for Native American rights is represented by Jericho’s support of Comrade Leonard Peltier and other Indigenous captive comrades. Jericho’s fight for the independence of Puerto Rico is by supporting our FALN Comrades held captive by the U.S. colonial government. Jericho opposes Zionism by supporting our Palestinian captives held in U.S. and Zionist gulags. Jericho fights against animal cruelty, for environmental rights, women’s rights, against U.S. imperialist wars, etc., by fighting for the release and freedom of these captives. Where Amnesty International fails to represent and support dissenters, Jericho is the national organization that will join the fight for our captured and confined revolutionaries.

Admittedly, Jericho has concentrated on the fight to free the longest held political prisoners. We do not want another political prisoner to die in prison. They are our elders—seniors, many with a host of illnesses, and failing health. They are the most vulnerable, demanding Jericho’s attention and fight. Again, another reason why we need to increase the ranks of Jericho, to broaden the base of support and capacity to represent by having the various movements be inclusive, not exclusive, of Jericho’s representation of U. S. political prisoners. Obviously, the stronger Jericho’s representation, the greater the potential to win the release of our captured and confined comrades, and the greater the capacity to concentrate on many more political prisoners. That is the vision of Jericho, that is the task moving forward.

Presently, Jericho and other groups in unity and struggle have embarked upon a national and international campaign. The “In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela” International Jurists campaign is a tactical initiative to bring our cause of U.S. human rights violations of political prisoners to the international community. It is time to once again bring to the world our fight, and demand the world’s community of human rights advocates support our determination. We in the Belly of the Beast are on the front line in confronting the most racist and exploitative government in the world. Therefore, our victory will be the world’s freedom loving peoples’ victory.

Hence, it is time for freedom loving peoples of the world to come to our aid, to support our struggle, and advocate for human rights in the Belly of the Beast, as this hypocritical liar has demanded human rights practices of other countries. It is time to turn the historical human rights issues back on the greatest progenitor of violence and human rights violations in the world on itself. This is our current task and goal, and we need each and every one of you to join in support of this objective. In fact, this is our DUTY. As our beloved Sister Assata Shakur demands of us, “It is our DUTY to fight, and it is our DUTY to win!”

Ultimately, our task is to end the existence of the need for Jericho by ending the imprisonment of our dissenters and revolutionaries. That has been the task of Jericho for the last 20 years. And it will be the task of Jericho for the next 20 years, if need be, in our continued fight against racist, capitalist exploitation and oppression. For as long as there are U.S. political prisoners of war, there must be a Jericho Amnesty Movement to fight for their freedom!

Remember: We Are Our Own Liberators!

Revolutionary Love & Unity

Jalil Abdul Muntaqim


NYC Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 670927, Bronx, NY 10467