UNAC is an endorser of this important event. Several UNAC leaders have visited the home of Aafia Siddique in Pakistan and spoken with her friends and family.

Aafia is a women who was educated in the US and got her doctorate here. When she returned to Pakistan, she and her 3 children were abducted by the Pakistani police and turned over to the US military where she was imprisoned and tortured at the notorious Bagram air force base prison in Afghanistan. At one point while being interrogated by the US military, the military claimed this 4’ 11” women grabbed a gun from one of her interrogators and shot at him but missed. She claims this never happened and other evidence supports her claim. She was brought back to the US and convicted of trying to shoot a US soldier and is serving an 86 year sentence in Texas. Her children, who were also abused by the US military, were eventually returned to her family in Pakistan except for the youngest, who is presumed dead. Aafia is being kept in solitary confinement and is in poor physical and mental health due to her treatment. It was never clear why she was arrested in the first place. We must demand that the US government return Aafia Siddique to Pakistan.


Friday, October 26, 2018

Time: 4:00

Location: 2nd Ave. & 47th St.
Manhattan, NY
< Walking distance from Grand Central Station >

***Special Note: This year (2018) marks 15 years of imprisonment and torture for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - an exceptional young woman who came to the US from Pakistan in 1990, graduating with honors from MIT and Brandeis University. Not long after her exceptional academic career ended, Dr. Siddiqui would come under suspicion (based on faulty "intelligence") and be targeted for a rendition operation (kidnapped and secretly imprisoned) in March 2003. Another innocent victim of the so-called "War On Terrorism!"

Event Co-Sponsors: The Aafia Foundation, International Action Center, United National Anti-War Coalition, and Project SALAM
Endorsed by: National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

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