Thank you all...

for your ongoing love and support for Mutulu, and your patience while waiting for this update. Mutulu's communication with his supporters has been greatly hampered the last several weeks as he was moved into the hospital to receive a stem cell transplant for his bone marrow cancer. Simultaneously, Judge Haight denied his compassionate release petition. As we warned was likely to happen given the prison conditions, Mutulu has now contracted COVID-19. An outside physician is monitoring his records and while we are concerned, thus far the virus has not impacted him as severely as it could. The legal team continues to pursue all avenues for securing his release.

Sign the Petition:

We are renewing the push to petition for compassionate release now that we have resubmitted an application for compassionate release due to the COVID diagnosis. Please sign the online petition using the link above if you haven’t yet and continue to share it. We ask that you continue to keep him in your prayers. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please use the PayPal link for our fiscal sponsor by clicking here. Then click on the very top donate button in the right sidebar of the CAD website (please indicate that donation is for Dr. Mutulu Shakur).

If you do not require your donation to be tax deductible, you can donate at Just click on the donate button on the righthand side.

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