Joy Powell Given Tier I Ticket
She is Severely Hearing Impaired, and Unable to Hear, Especially When Sleeping

Officer Charles was conducting the 2 a.m. count one morning last week. He stated that Joy Powell #07G0632 had her curtain up and failed to respond to his requests. Since Joy was asleep and is severely hearing impaired (her HL is 20), she did not hear the officer and was completely unaware of the request. Also, the curtain being up was completely inadvertent, since Joy usually removes the curtain before sleeping. However, on this occasion, she fell asleep without removing the curtain.

In addition, Joy suffers from diabetes and could have been experiencing either a diabetic coma or diabetic shock, so the standard procedure is for the officer to notify the sergeant to conduct what is called custody, care and control. In other words, request that the cell be opened to make sure that the person is not suffering any medical emergency. Obviously, this procedure was neither requested nor carried out.

As a result of this, a ticket was issued to Joy Powell on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, and a hearing was held on the same day. Ms. Powell was punished by loss of recreation and commissary for thirteen days. She strongly feels this was discriminatory against her and a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The hearing was conducted by Sgt. Jeffrey Williams, who knows that Ms. Powell is deaf. On previous occasions when Ms. Powell could not be awakened, the supervisor was called; she came into the cell and woke Ms. Powell up according to the above-mentioned custody, care and control procedure.

Joy was charged with: visibility, obstruction of view, refusing a direct order, delaying the count, plus additional charges that she cannot remember

Joy would have appealed this ticket, but was unable to do so as Sgt. Jeffery Williams refused to give her a copy of the disposition and an appeal form. When Joy requested this vital information, she was told she would receive it by mail, although you only have 24 hours to appeal a Tier I. Joy also reminded the sergeant that she has been called a few times to wake her up to make sure Joy was not suffering a medical emergency.

So Joy is unable to purchase anything from commissary, which is dangerous since she is a diabetic. In addition, the water quality in the prison is not good, so Joy is unable to purchase bottled water.

Please call Bedford Hills C.F. at 914-241-3100

Ask to speak with the Superintendent to request that this unjust punishment be rescinded

Remember to state you are calling on behalf of Joy Powell #07G0632

NYC Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 670927, Bronx, NY 10467