Farewell thoughts to my friend Lynne Stewart

By Jaan K. Laaman

International Woman’s Day, March 8 2017

With a sunny sky outside, and a “Day Without Woman Strikes” and other very positive and powerful events taking place all across the United States and around the world, I am sitting quietly and sadly reflecting on the life of my friend Lynne, who died last night.

There is so much that can, and probably will, be said about this dynamic and wonderful woman. For decades Lynne Stewart was a, if not the, preeminent human rights, civil rights, peoples’ lawyer, boldly fighting for justice, equality, and freedom in many of the most important and widely reported cases in the United States.

Lynne truly was fearless and could not be intimidated by prosecutors, judges or FBI and other gun-toting goons. She believed in and fought for Constitutional rights and equal justice. She always fought for her clients.

Lynne was not only brave and determined, but she was a brilliant attorney. She also was very hard working, doing the necessary research and innovative paperwork that often forced the courts to accept her arguments.

Lynne touched so many people and lives in large and dynamic ways, in personal, caring and nurturing ways. As a lawyer, Lynne was a very significant part of the legal team for all of us Ohio-7 people in our many trials. Beyond just her work and skill as an attorney, Lynne was also there for our children and families. As a small boy, my son Ricky always stayed at Lynne’s home when he came to visit me and his mother while we were being held in MCC New York. Lynne was our family friend, as well as a sister and a comrade in the struggle.

So many people will miss you, Lynne, your guidance and wisdom, your concern and care. The love you had for the people and the freedom struggle is only matched by the love so many people, freedom fighters included, have and will continue, to have for you.

Rest easy my sister. We will shed our tears for you, then firm up our hearts and spirits and continue in the revolutionary freedom and justice struggle that you contributed so much and uniquely to.

Listen to the audio of this tribute here.

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