On Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018, Pam Hanna, her daughter Ksisay and Anne Lamb of NYC Jericho had a long overdue visit with our imprisoned sister Joy Powell at Bedford Hills C.F.

Although we arrived early only to learn that only two visitors are allowed on weekends, Pam and Ksisay had to wait a long time in the visiting room before they finally saw Joy, as the C.O.s claimed to be unable to locate her. Joy did not come into the visiting room until after the count. We had to split the visit due to the 2 people only rule (only in the women's prisons, the men are allowed 3 visitors on weekends), so Anne waited until Pam came out and then went in to meet Joy.

We had an excellent visit and vowed to visit more often in the future. Here are the pictures from our visit.

Joy has been experiencing a lot of harassment from the C.O.s. The reason her right hand is in a cast is because Joy is hearing impaired, and did not hear the C.O. on her unit announcing he was closing the doors. Although he saw Joy standing in the doorway of her cell, he shut the cell gates anyway. If Joy had not put out her hand (she has a broken wrist), she would most probably have suffered punctured lungs from the full force of the door hitting her in her ribs! So it is really important that more people visit Joy on a regular basis. Once the C.O.'s see that someone has consistent outside support, they usually back off. Joy has been wrongfully convicted and is currently working on getting that conviction overturned.

To learn more about Joy Powell, check out her website: https://www.freejoypowell.org/

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