My visit with Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes

By Imani Haynes, age 12

My trip to visit Robert Seth Hayes was excellent. He is a very inspiring man and I learned a lot about him. I'm glad I was able to visit because I was very eager to see what he looked like in person, to be honest. I was kind of scared to visit the prison at first but then I got out of my comfort zone and started to open up. So I was very engaged with Baba Seth’s conversations and now I know much more about him than I did before we met. He is a very funny and educated man. I’m glad I got to see him still smile after all the years he's been locked up. It was very fun to play UNO with him because I WON (2) games after he was being very cocky. So my visit with Seth aka Uncle Seth was extraordinary.

While we visited Uncle Seth, I also got to meet Baba Jalil. He looked like he is a fun and nice guy to be around. I'm really looking forward to meeting him next. He seems like a comedian because when Natacha and Adeline were visiting him, all I heard was laughter from their table. So I’m really happy I experienced visiting them.

Imani, Sister Yah and Valerie with Seth
on Nov. 26, 2017
Imani, Valerie and Sister Yah with Seth
on Nov. 26, 2017


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